Q. The bearing support on my transmission looks as if it has been cut off. Will your kit still work?

A. As long as there is ¾” of material left to anchor the sleeve. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars by not having to replace the transmission case.

Q. Can I order a replacement bearing when I need to replace it or do I need to purchase a complete kit?

A. Yes, all of our bearings are available separately.

Q. What is you warranty policy?

A. Our bearings are warranted for one year. The sleeve is warranted for life. Our warranty does not include any labor.

Q. Will the manufacturer dealer install your kit under warranty?

A. Typically the manufacturer will only install genuine parts. Sometimes the dealer themselves will install the kit if you pay for it. Be sure to confirm with them before authorizing the work.

Q. Do I need to replace my clutch while installing your kit?

A. Typically our kits are installed while replacing the clutch. Your installer may suggest reusing your existing clutch depending upon the condition.